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Having realized that Eastern Uganda region and some parts of western Kenya didn’t have reliable and effective Audio Visual radio broadcasting in Purely Urban English style, it was therefore important to start up a visualized media House to address this problem.

A certain category of listeners and Viewers mainly the urban business dwellers in the region were not catered for.


“To Be the Leading Global Urban Youth Visual Radio Station In Eastern Uganda And Western Kenya”

To provide a trusted and indispensable source of correct information, Education, music and entertainment while strengthening the civic and cultural life of the community we serve while being guided by the laws and constitution of Uganda and Uganda Communication Commission.


Our mission is to be the most valued. Vital and vibrant Visual radio station in the region, one that inspires young people to look at the world from multiple perspectives and capitalizes on emerging opportunities to serve our audience and engage our communities.

    1. To acquire and install the latest transmission and broadcasting equipment.
    2. To employ the most talented and competent and relevant human resources basing on merit for all in the broadcasting industry.
    3. To design programs that will involve the participation of the beneficiaries.

Since the radio station is designed to deliver the best programs for the youths and urban dwellers, hence choosing the name “T-RADIO” derived from the youth slang “T Town” meaning Tororo Town where the station will be located.


The station is to be broadly managed by a team of experienced and qualified personnel’s who are supervised on daily basis by the radios board of Directors so as to ensure the right procedures are followed and the guidelines from Uganda Communications Commission is adhered with.


The radio programs are designed to meet the needs of English speaking community in Eastern region and the surrounding areas.


All organizations, businesses and Government entities whose programs are designed to improve and empower the community members and the youth at large.


The entire products are designed in such a way that it fulfills the needs of the listeners. Specific programs are designed to march the lifestyle of the listeners.


1. Sponsorship.

The advertiser attaches his image and interest to the already existing program,

Advantage.It gives long term benefits because the presenters repeatedly air out the messages and usually sponsorship is for longer period of time.

2. Customized Programs.

The advertiser gives his own message the way he wants it to be and he gets an immediate feedback and address it if he wishes.

3. Mentions.

The presenter (s) communicates the advertisers’ message to the audience

Advantages:The presenter gives personal touch to the message and approaches the same from different angles from time to time

4. Spot Message.

A constant pre-recorded message is aired as and when the advertiser wishes.

Advantages: The advertiser benefits from constant and altered message that is pre-recorded.

5. Special Announcement.

The announcement is aired as on specific request by the advertiser.

Advantages: It is aired as and when the advertiser wishes, it does not follow the routine program arrangement.

6. Outside Broadcast.

We have acquired the powerful professional live broadcast machines from Germany called “Radio In A Bag” The program is delivered clearly to the audience from outside the studio at a remote location within the community

Advantages: The advertiser is not limited by location and can air out live broadcast of their product/message from their point of interest or speak directly to the community of interest while speaking to the rest of the community simultaneously being a station that wants to be in the heart of the community, community based.

7. Classified Messages.

These are the short and simple messages grouped together aired at specific time intervals.


The advertiser is heavily discounted to take care of small time advertisers who may wish to have short term messages

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